ErgoStrap 713E / 726E / 745E – E-conomy Line

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ErgoStrap 713E / 726E / 745E – E-Conomy Line

The further development of the 2017 model. Reliable and safe strapping for almost 20 years. Proven technology in the field of ergonomic pallet strapping systems.

Compared to the new X-pert Line the E-conomy Line has fewer options. The strapping speed is lower and can not be adapted to the experience of the user. In addition, the E-conomy Line does not have a touchscreen. The pallet width is adjusted mechanically.

Standard equipment

⦿ Easy control via joystick without touchscreen
⦿ Fully integrated sealing head with touchscreen and ergonomically shaped controls
⦿ Tool-Lift counterbalances the operation of sealing head
⦿ Easy going and comfortable handling with ergonomically shaped handles
⦿ Covered for high working safety
⦿ PP and PET-straps

Special equipment

⦿ Headpiece with bumper: For strapping pallets with lateral overlappings up to 40mm, e.g. cardboard covers or uneven side surfaces.
⦿ Line Laser: The Line Laser indicates the distance and the alignment of the machine to the pallet, which simplifies the positioning of the machine in front of the pallet.
⦿ Reversing sledge:
⦿ Reversing sledge 85S (only available for E-conomy Line): Slimmer version of the standard sledge. Minimum clearance width: 160 mm, instead of 185 mm in standard equipment.
⦿ Reversing sledge 47: (available for X-pert Line and E-conomy Line) Narrower version of the standard sledge. Minimum clearance height: 47 mm, instead of 87 mm in standard equipment.
⦿ Reversing sledge 47S: (available for X-pert Line and E-conomy Line) Slimmer version of the reversing sledge 47. Minimum clearance width: 160 mm, instead of 185 mm in standard equipment.
⦿ Triplex-Tool-Lift: The Triplex–Tool–Lift enables tensioning and sealing not only on the side of a pallet (side sealing), but also on the top (top sealing) without removing the sealing head from the Triplex–Tool–Lift. Minimum pallet height for side sealing is 760 mm. Maximum pallet height for top sealing is 780 mm. Minimum pallet height for top sealing is 100 mm.
⦿ Sealing head removable from the Triplex–Tool–Lift: If the strap needs to be tensioned and sealed in positions which cannot be reached by the Triplex–Tool–Lift, e.g. inside a mesh transport box or for horizontal strapping. By pulling a bolt, the sealing head can be removed and the strap can be tensioned and welded in any position.
⦿ Strap brake relief: The brake resistance of the strap coil can be reduced to 20% by simply pushing a foot pedal. Manually pulling out strap is a lot easier, especially for pallets of 1.2 m and higher.

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Power 93W
Drive Manually – Via Hand Crank Electric motor with spur gear, electronically controlled
Battery Pack 2 x 12V AGM Battery
Operating Voltage 24V
cycles per
Charger 2 X 12V Dual Charger, 2A
Chain Speed 40m/Min
Pallet Width
Mechanically, by inserting a bolt in the appropriate position in 20cm steps
Indicators 3 LEDs indicating charging level and sliding window open
Only by manufacturer
ChainLance Glass fiber reinforced, high strength soft-slide chain
Sealing Head
Tension Force 150N – 1200N 400N – 2500N 400N – 4500N
Strap Types PP/PET
Strap Width 9-25mm 9-13mm 12-16mm 15-19mm
0,5-1,3mm 0,35-0,85mm 0,5-1,0mm 0,8-1,3mm