ErgoStrap 700E

700e front
700e back
700e front 700e back

Ergonomic pallet strapping system with electrical drive.

Strapping without bending, comfortable in an upright position with ideal working height. The pallet can be strapped comfortable by one person from one side. This works length- and crosswise the pallet. Floor clearance requested is only 8 cm (special design possible from 5,0 cm floor clearance).

Central power supply with battery for strapping machine. So you are mobile and always and everywhere on standby.

  • 700E with electrically driven ChainLance, electronically controlled speed via joystick
  • As models 713E / 726E / 745E but without sealing head and Tool–Lift
  • for PP and PET Straps

    Special Equipment:

  • Triplex–Tool–Lift: The Triplex–Tool–Lift enables tensioning and sealing not only on the side of a pallet (side sealing), but also on the top (top sealing). Minimum pallet height for side sealing is 760mm. Maximum pallet height for top sealing is 780mm.
  • Line–Laser: The Line–Laser indicates the distance and the alignment of the machine to the pallet, which simplifies the positioning of the machine in front of the pallet.
  • Reversing sledge: Reversing sledge 85S: Smaller version of the standard sledge. Minimum clearance width: 160mm. Reversing sledge 47: For strapping pallets of a minimum clearance height of 47mm.
  • Headpiece with bumper: For strapping pallets with lateral overlappings up to 40mm, e.g. cardboard covers or uneven side surfaces
  • Sealing head removable from the Triplex–Tool–Lift: If the strap needs to be tensioned and sealed in positions which cannot be reached by the Triplex–Tool–Lift, e.g. inside a mesh transport box or with horizontal strapping
  • Strap brake relief: The brake resistance of the strap roll ran be reduced to 20% by simply pushing a foot pedal. The manual pulling out of an additional strap is made much easier.

The “Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.” certified ergonomically pallet strapping system of ErgoPack (

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                                                                   Technical Data

ErgoStrap 700E
Dimensions Width=770mm
Weight 58,3 kg
Length ChainLance 600 cm
(prolongable up to 700 cm)
Max. pallet dimensions Depth: up to 2,4m
Height: up to 2,3m
Width of strap 8 – 25mm
Thickness of strap 0,4 – 1,3mm