ErgoStrap Air 713-580 / 726-580 / 745-580

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Ergonomic pallet strapping system for high-standing pallets.

With the height adjustable “Air” also high-standing pallets can be strapped now in an ergonomic way, standing upright and without bending down. This is allowed by a patented levitating double ChainLance. The double ChainLance can be adjusted steplessly up to 580mm height. Furthermore, by means of two ultrasonic sensors, the “Air” version possesses an automatic detection of the pallet width.

To strap pallets on:

  • conveyor lines
  • lifting tables
  • all kinds of trolleys


  • with electrical drive via joystick
  • automatic measurement of pallet width
  • for PP-, PET straps
  • with sealing head (tension force 1200N / 2500N / 4000N)
    and Triplex-Tool-Lift

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                                                          Technical Data

ErgoStrap Air 712-580 / 725-580 / 740-580
Dimensions Width=1360mm
Weight 280 kg
(incl. battery)
Max. pallet size Depth: up to 2,4m
(Self-supporting up to 2,00 m, with first point of support between 1,00 m and 1,8m up to 2,40 m)
Height up to 2,0m
Minimum clearance 50mm
Minimum width 180mm
Maximum vertical height between floor and pallet 580mm
electrical adjustment of height
with 5 storable height positions
Adjustment of pallet width a) manually by keyboard
b)automatic recognition of pallet width by ultrasonic sensor system
Display Color display 4.3 inches
with special membrane keyboard for operation with work gloves
Double ChainLance
Composed of
1. Guiding ChainLance: High tensile, fibre-glass reinforced, rigid at frontward side,special self-lubricating ChainLance, maintenance free
2. Suspension ChainLance: Special ChainLance rigid at frontward side, made of high tensile aluminium u-profiles. Joints of alloyed steel pins and of maintenance free and self-lubricating sinter bronze bearing bushes
Equipment Charger (special ErgoStrap Dual 3-step charger, 2x12V)
Sealing head 1.200N, 2.500N respectively 4000N
Welding mode Friction welding
Insertion mode Strap on strap
Applicable strap types PET, PP
Width of strap Air 712-580: 9 - 3 mm
Air 725-580: 12 - 16mm
Air 740-580: 16 - 19mm
Tension force Air 712-580: bis 1.200N
Air 725-580: bis 2.500N
Air 740-580: bis 4.000N
Input voltage 24V DC
Battery 24V/35Ah, Pb
Charge time app. 8-9 Std.