Ergonomic pallet strapping systems
with the worldwide unique and patented chainlance.

With the mobile strapping systems from ErgoStrap® USA, different sized pallets can safely and comfortably be strapped with plastic bands while standing upright, without bending and walking around the pallet. The patented ChainLance, which is guiding the strap below the pallet, upwards at the opposite side and directly into the hands of the user, makes this possible.

Our pallet strapping system is very healthy for the back – and therefore can even be used by people already suffering from back pain.

This battery-operated unit is compact, mobile and easy to use for almost all pallet sizes.

With the height adjustable ErgoStrap® Air 713-580 / 726-580 / 745-580, even pallets raised from the floor level, can be strapped flexibly and ergonomically.

ErgoStrap is the North American distributor for ErgoPack Deutschland GmbH, the world’s leading manufacturer of semiautomatic portable pallet strapping systems